Anonymous said:
I'm sorry if my questions are upsetting you or making you sad! I know you and Kurt are on your honeymoon and I don't want to ruin it. I was just curious and I was afraid to ask Finn-related questions to Kurt.

It’s okay. It’s just a sad topic, but sometimes it’s good to talk about the sad stuff. I can’t do it to often, because I don’t want to upset any of my friends.

It makes me sad to think that he’s missed our wedding and our babies lives. He should have been Kurt’s best man. He was suppose to be there to give us the perfect bachelor party. Kurt and I missed watching him try to dance and teasing him about it later. He should have been there to give Coop a run for his money on most embarrassing best man speech. There shouldn’t have been a empty seat between Kurt and Elliott.  


Gosh, he used to tell us about all the things we were going to do with our respective children. He had all these family vacations planned out. Finn and Kurt would always argue about them. It was really cute watching Finn compromise that we would not be sleeping in a ‘dirty tent’, while Kurt compromised that we could stay in cabins as long as we had running water and bathroom. They really fell into their roles of brothers so easily. I miss seeing that side of Kurt, and that look of exasperation and love he got when it came to Finn.  Only Finn brought that side of him out. It was one of my favorite sides of Finn as well. Once Finn accepted your spot in his life, he treated you like family. I think he knew Kurt and I were forever before even I did.

Do you want to know a secret? I haven’t even told Kurt, because I don’t want him to be sad and I know it doesn’t fit in with his beliefs. But I think Finn is the triplets guardian angel. They were conceived only a few months after his passing, and it would be just like Finn to be watching over them from heaven…It might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I think Uncle Finn would want to see the babies grow up even if he can’t be with them.  

As a side note, thank you for not bringing this up with Kurt. It might seem a little overprotective, but I don’t want to see him needlessly upset. 

Anonymous said:
I think it's sweet that you're honoring Finn the way that you are and I know it'll probably mean a lot to Kurt and Carole and Burt :)

I know it means a lot to Kurt. Originally he wanted Spencer’s first name to be Finn, but all I could think of was the tears in his gorgeous eyes when we found out about Finn. Or how devastated Carole looked at the funeral, or the sound of Burt crying that night when he thought everyone had fallen asleep. I couldn’t bear to put any of them through the painful reminder so soon. Plus that’s a lot to put on our baby boy…having to live up to Finn’s name. It’s just unfair on him.

Still it’s Spencer’s middle name, so in the future when everyone has had their time to grieve, I’ll leave it up to them if they want to call him Finn…unless it bothers Spencer or anyone else in our little family. My family’s happiness and comfort comes before anything else


Anonymous said:
Were you weary to name your son after Finn?

A little.Kurt and I both wanted to honor his memory. But we decided Finn should be Spencer’s middle name, since we didn’t want anyone thinking we were trying to replace him. Had the triplets been born a few years from now, Spencer’s name probably would have been Finn though. At this point, the wound of Finn’s passing is too fresh. And we didn’t want to put Carole or anyone else through any unnecessary pain. 

Anonymous said:
So you guys have the babies' names all picked out? :)

Well we are still thinking of middle names for our little girls, Hepburn and Tracey. But we decided that our little boys name would be Spencer Finn Hummel-Anderson after a little discussion.


Anonymous said:
Can you or Blaine tell which baby is which or are they all kind of jumbled up in there? As a follow up question; are you seeing any unique personalities with the three of them?


We can usually tell because Hepburn is always the smallest. So by that, we can tell which baby is Tracey and of course it’s easy to spot our little boy. Since Spencer is usually always on the left side in the sonograms, we’ve come to the conclusion that he’s the calm one since Blaine hardly ever feels him kick that hard. So apparently he doesn’t like to kick things like his Uncle Finn. Blaine likes to joke that Tracey might be the one who takes after me the most because she always tends to pose for the sonograms.

Hepburn seems like she is going to be the fussiest. She’s the one that needs at least two songs before she goes to sleep with her sister and brother. She also spends the most time bouncing on my bladder. It’s a little bothersome, especially when Kurt and I are trying to be intimate and I have to run to the bathroom. But I prefer Hepburn doing it over Spencer and Tracey because when those two do it, sometimes I barely make it there! But she’s always adorable in our sonograms. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s born sucking on her little thumb. 

Tracey, I think gives me the most weird cravings and she’s very demanding as well. She’s got a pretty strong kick when she doesn’t like something I’m doing. Sam was pretty disappointed when we realized she hated the sound of Halo. She loves the sound of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry though. I wouldn’t be surprised if was dancing along giving how I feel her little arms and feet slid along my belly sometimes.

Spencer does seem the calmest overall, but he can definitely throw a fit when he wants to! I’ve learned that I need to make sure he’s asleep before Kurt leaves for work because he’s a little attached to his voice. Sometimes it’s all I can do to play old glee club performances to trick him into thinking his other daddy is still there. I’m a little jealous about it honestly. But maybe it’s just because I’m always there so he doesn’t need to throw a fit over missing me.